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Secret Bloggin’ Santa…



Ok…. My Secret Santa idea is on the backburner to get touched up. I got excited with my sudden Christmassy spirit, and things were not clear…  So bare with me, I’ll be back in a jiffy with something that makes sense…  LOL  

A big big thank you, Madame Suze, The Bag Lady, Felicia and Sarah for pointing out the fact that my post wasn’t crystal clear… lol instead of just passing by and leaving me wondering why people don’t join in!!  Muuuuah to you four lovely ladies!!  xxxx



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Up to this afternoon, the Holiday spirit had eluded me… For this year, of course! It always catches up one way or another, even if I am not the most festive little elf around!

So! I thought that we could play a game of Secret Santa right here!

Here’s how I pictured it!

We all have blogs and bloggers we follow and like. And though we “like” their work, we don’t always take time to leave our appreciation. So why not use the Holidays to make up for it??

So, if you feel like playing Secret Santa with me, go through your Reader, pick up those people you’d like to leave a nice word or two for, and send them to “Get in touch with Cyranny” Of course, I’ll join my own nice words and holiday wishes through yours! 🙂

I’ll prepare one (if you Lovelies participate well, we might even have to break it into several) post(s) that I’ll publish in the Cove during Chrismast week!

Posts of anonymous, nice words, that I’ll link to each blogger who received one or more notes…

What do you think? Wanna play Secret Bloggin’ Santa with me??





18 thoughts on “Secret Bloggin’ Santa…

    1. Ok, let’s say you wanna play… and you pick, let’s see… Linda.
      Then, you write something nice about or for her, and send it by email to me.

      And for Christmas, I’ll post the messages sent without displaying who wrote what.


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  1. so……….I send cyranny an email….and cyranny posts it on someone’s page? then does cyranny get the credit for me saying nice stuff? isn’t that like trying to get the fireman’s attention at Linda’s cabbage patch when I was flirting with them? huh? or does cyranny say “someone, NOT SUZE, says your blog is wonderful” on a post for a person I wanna say their blog is wonderful…that might work. maybe.

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    1. LOL Now, you got ME confused!! And not just a little… Said that way, it does sound like Cyranny’s trying ti get the credit for being nice…

      That’s what happens when I let my crazy mind have brainstorms on its own. It always comes out with “OMG-OMG-OMG this is GOOD” ideas, and since I don’t really have time to double check everything it comes up with, I end up posting confusing, selfish looking schemes…

      Back to the drawing board!! LOL

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      1. Uh…but…but…😕

        If the intention is share the love and goodwill of the season, and senders are anonymous to recipients…is “credit” for the send a factor? Couldn’t you just be Cyranny, the Elf Messenger?

        *My brain hurts.*

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      2. *Handing e-tylenol*

        Don’t worry… I plan to wrap in a nice post and spread to the four winds all the lovely things people will send me before Christmas 🙂 And if they don’t, I’ll just have to talk about everybody’s awesomeness myself! hihihihihihi

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  2. do I still have hair? I realized I was pulling on it in frustration trying to figure out how this works………..Hey you woman of the frozen land of freeziness! I wanna tell Linda and cvyranny something nice! Do I send YOU the email for Cyranny too? ;D

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    1. I would give you some of mine to replace the pulled out ones…. But you’d have more chances with Homer Simpson 😉

      How about we all write to Linda’s email… and she does what she wants with all the nice comments about everybody? 😛 Mouahahahahaha


    1. LOL, I realize that I have to re-work the concept a little… It is obviously not as clear as I thought it was at first. I’ll post again tonight or tomorrow to launch version .2 of Secret Bloggin’ Santa 😉

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