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Micro poésie du vendredi…



Glisse tout au long de ma cuisse, Cuisine-moi des mots brûlant, Embrasse ma folie passagère, Hier est si loin déjà et demain tarde à venir…

Il n’y a que maintenant qui compte, maintenant, ta peau et nos soupirs…




2 thoughts on “Micro poésie du vendredi…

  1. Once again, because Cyranny refuses to translate for her ENGLISH readers (gosh she is SUCH a brat!) I am forced to translate from her native French into something we all can understand. bear with me while I deal with her rather strange way of speaking and writing….bear in mind I do this ONLY as a favor to this rather marvelous author (if she’d EVER finish that novel) and buddy from frozenland….so here goes.
    “My glistening lips long to curse you, Food, even if you are brilliant, embarrass me by stalking along the sidewalk, Once eaten you go to my LOINS???” (what,, ya couldn’t just say thighs like every other woman on the planet, Cyr?) “where I can see, as through a window, the fat accumulate. If only I could maintain my previous weight, maintain it through eating nothing but soup.”
    well, there ya have it…some things just don’t make as much sense once translated.

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    1. I really owe you one Madame Suze! What would I do without your precious translations?!

      I have considered to stop writing these Friday French posts, since they must be pure annoyance for you, being POETRY in FRENCH… But I just can’t.

      Getting your version is the best reward for going back to “la langue de Molière” weekly 😉

      (sorry for the delay…. really!) *Hugs*


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