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The smallest origami, ever!



Ok, it probably isn’t. Don’t bother looking on The Internets to prove me wrong… I just like to believe that I make the tiniest cranes.

Why cranes, you might wonder? Well, because I am one hell of a stubborn girl sometimes, and I had read that Japanese legend, that said that if you folded 1000 cranes, you got to make a wish… (see story here)

I had to try.

And I did… I folded crane after crane, after crane… I spent all the free time I had folding the little things using paper of every shade of every color you can imagine. I have bags full of them… I would have to count them again, but last time I did, I had over 800 of them ready.

And one day, I stopped. I’d rather say “paused” because finishing this thousand cranes is still on my “to do” list.

And on that special day, when I fold the thousandth bird, I hope I’ll be granted my wish… But if the legend says so, there’s no reason to doubt it. Right?



11 thoughts on “The smallest origami, ever!

  1. i heard that same story when I was much much younger…..I have…well had…980 of those little suckers at one time..then I thought, what if I actually finish? then whatever dreams I had wouldn’t ever come true again unless i started I have never finished. lol

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    1. LOL… why doesn’t this surprise me??

      I don’t remember what caused me to stop back then… I was a real machine at the time, and it was a running joke in my surounding, because I always had my origami paper with me, no matter where I went.

      I’ll finish my 150 or so missing… And if I don’t get my dream, I’ll sue Japan!! Ha!


    1. Sorry for the delay, I have been caught offline with tons of things to take care of…. I usually don’t let comments go unanswered for a couple of days…

      Thank you for your comment, and I will make sure to visit your blog 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Welcome in the Cove 🙂 xx

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