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Picture Battle! Who’ll get more snow?

Montréal entered a Frost competition against Denmark last year. I really really wanted Vikingland to win… First, because I always want Denmark to be the best, but it also would have meant a not so dang cold winter here. Desværre (unfortunately), we won!

Now, although he didn’t say so directly, OM, in Colorado’s name, is daring us to have a snowier winter! I cheered Montréal’s winter, after dressing up for the occasion, meaning only my nose and my eyes weren’t covered.

I ran in the snow (I hate it, but if it is to win something, I can pretend!) danced the winds’ dance, anything I could think of to beat this.

And here’s what I got in return…


Yeah… We’ve done better in the past. But hey, it’s only the first round!

Game on Jason!




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