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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

The Snow Battle Challenge is snowballing (no, not the sexual thing… it is just getting bigger and bigger…. no, not the sexual thing either! Urghhh) And my new friend, from Crazy Love Parents has joined in….. So pay a visit to her display of snowy backyard, and maybe you’ll be tempted to jump in with your own post??

*Big hugs from Freezingland*

Crazy Love Parents

I’ve noticed some Snow Battles going on in the blogging sphere, so I couldn’t help but add my photos as well. LOTS of snow going on over here!!! ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄
I guess the trampoline will be staying up this winter! 😜

Can you see my neighbor’s truck peeking out over the snow bank below?

This is supposed to be our ice rink. Unfortunately, it’s been too covered with snow to allow my husband to finish it. Hopefully soon!

Check out the other Snow Battle posts here and comment with your vote! Who has the most?!

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8 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

    1. Awww too bad, Elizabeth… It really is a shame it didn’t wait for Christmas!! I’ll enjoy our snow in the name of all the Lovelies who will have to do without it this year, and would have liked some… I promise 🙂

      And snowy or not, a Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂 *hugs*

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