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After Christmas giggles….



I know I said it several times before, but what can I do? I really like Word Porn, and I regularly steal some of their quotes to fill in spots here and there in the Cove, when time is lacking or if my inspiration is so-so.

My usual way to choose one, is either if it fits something I want to talk about at the current time, or if it makes me laugh. When I consider a quote because of its humorous side, I put it in a file, and I go back to it a couple of times, letting one or a few days go by in between readings, and if it still makes me laugh, I publish it.

This is the perfect example of that last way of screening.

I tend to visualize a lot. When I read or when I write stories, it is like a movie in my head. I can’t just think of a story, without seeing the whole scenery, what the furniture looks like and what the characters are wearing. That’s probably one of the reasons why I am pretty slow at writing. I get distracted a lot on my way from A to B.

And picturing this lasting staring game, hoping the other one will eventually give in… It just cracks me up…



There is some truth about myself in this quote though, me not mastering the art of flirting AT ALL. Luckily, I haven’t been given the chance to try that often in the past, and I don’t think Chéri would like me to start practicing now… lol So I haven’t disappointed too many men along the years.

I am just not the cute eyelash-fluttering, play-with-her-locks, hip-rolling-as-she-walks-away kind of girl.

But enough about me…  Let’s concentrate on the staring, shall we?




For the cat lovers…



Let’s not forget our dog loving friends…



So…. Will you marry me?  Not yet?…










Oh well… Can’t say I didn’t try!  LOL





12 thoughts on “After Christmas giggles….

  1. I’ve decided to ignore you for being so mean…yes, you. the one I babbled about, praised and told everyone to go read your stuff you….and you (***SOBS****))) ignored it all…..I am totally crushed, bumfoozled and depressed. Yep, not even a bubble bath with Omar Sharif could fix this……….andddddddddddddd, i am not gonna translate your french stuff either. no i am not. nuh huh..people can just stay confused. (are you buying ANY of this? lol)_

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now… are we talking about me having postponed the Bloggers recognition award I am working on as we speak? (litterally…. I was clicking on the link on your page when your comment popped in… This is scary!!)

      Or is it for falling behind in my readings in Suziland while planning and enjoying… *cough cough* mostly planning the Christmas and New Year’s festivities?

      I might have done other mean things, just remind me, my short term memory is failing me these days 😉

      For any of those, some of those or all of those reasons… I deeply appologize Madame Suze!

      I hope you’ll forgive me in parts… For one thing, I did spare you FRENCH POETRY this past Friday… You think I didn’t have time or inspiration as I had scotch tape in my hair and Freja was running around the appartment, making sure all the ribbons I had bought for my gift wrapping night were tingled in a Guiness record string ball? Nooope! I kept myself from writing “Micro-Poésie du vendredi” as an early Christmas gift to you!

      I would have mentionned it in the post, but since there was no post to mentione it in….

      *Sigh* I’m sorry for the disappointment…

      I am a failure!



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