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Vases communicants…



Leurs âmes, comme des vases communicants, se mélangeaient dans les couleurs de l’aube. Elle en lui, puis lui en elle, dans un va et vient selon les marées de leurs pensées… Tricotant un un tissu d’idées à s’enrouler autour du cou pour les jours frisquets de l’hiver.

Bien au delà de la chair, bien au delà des lois… Attachés par l’essence-même de leurs rêves, des vignes de soupirs enroulées à leurs chevilles et leurs poignets.

Condamnés à aimer l’odeur des regrets…


3 thoughts on “Vases communicants…

  1. There are a few languages I like listening to, but I know only English with accuracy. When I ask the big google what your post says, I get this:

    Their souls, like communicating vessels, blended in the colors of dawn. She in him, then him in her, back and forth according to the tides of their thoughts … Knitting a fabric of ideas to wrap around the neck for the chilly days of winter.

    Beyond the flesh, far beyond the laws … Attached by the very essence of their dreams, vines of sighs wrapped around their ankles and wrists.

    Condemned to love the smell of regrets …

    I wonder how well it translates for those of us who need such things? It sounds good, I think I get the sentiment, and the last line leaves me confronted as I have no regrets, none, but I feel the meaning none the less.


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    1. Okie… Wow!

      I’d like to appologize for the delay of my response, but I just couldn’t rush a quick line saying “thanks, come again!”

      Your comments left me speachless. To think that words that oozed out of my mind traveled so far and found an attentive eye like yours amazes me. It is the best reward and the most encouraging feeling 🙂

      I can’t believe you translated my post using only Google Translate…. Reading it, I


    2. Sorry… I hit a key by mistake….

      So. reading your translation, I felt like it was the exact same post, only in English. You captured the essence of it spot on, and I was very impressed! Thank you for the time you have put, working on it 🙂 There is no way Google Translate did this without a little touch up…. hehehehe

      I am glad you found your way to the Cove. I had a long week, and didn’t get to read much of your work, but I’ll definitely visit you during the weekend to catch up 🙂

      As for the last line… I am not one to have regrets either, but I think sometimes life forces us to have a few ones. Maybe just to show us we’ll never have complete control over our journey…

      Again, thank you so much! Looking forward to discover your blogging universe, and to see you around the corner in the Cove 🙂

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