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I am getting everything ready, because (dang, yeah!!!!) tomorrow, I’m finally boarding a purple plane and getting shipped to Denmark!


I wasn’t planin to post anything today, but…

My little bro asked for my help, and that’s something I can’t refuse. His boyfriend’s 40th birthday is coming in March, and he wants to do something special for the big event!

And it seems that the birthday boy and I have something in common. We both have a thing for countries… I collect flags via WP, and he likes to send and recieve postcards! My brother thought he would ask his Facebook friends to send cards from around the world, that we’d gather and give his boyfriend when he officially turns 40.

Ok, and what’s the link with the Cove?

I hear you… And I’m getting to it.

I thought that maybe… Just maybe… Some of you (ok, I’m a dreamer, I already imagine a massive response from you Lovelies) would agree to send me a postcard greeting him for his 40th candle, I would gather them, and add them to the pile of cards my brother will get from their Facebook friends! It would be soooo cool to add this to the original project.

Of course, I’d take pictures, and post all the lovely cards in the Cove too!

I know that means spending some money, and finding time for a perfect stranger, but this is such a great community, that I am sure it is possible…

If you’d like to participate, just mention it in the comment box, and we’ll get in touch so I can send you my adress.

Crossing my fingers, and my toes…


Okie, time to go back to packing! I’ll make sure to come and say “bye” before we head to the airport tomorrow 😉




15 thoughts on “Postcards…

    1. My timing for this post was absolutely terrible…. Just before leaving Montréal, it was writen in the stars that I would get lost in the follow ups…

      So sorry about the delay, Suze 😦 😦 😦 The birthday boy-postcard-lover’s name is Mathieu, and I will gladly give him yours as soon as I get them (if you still like me and want to participate, that is..? *puppy eyes* *wink wink!*)


    1. Bag Lady…. Thanks for the good wishes 🙂 I did travel safe to and from my dear Denmark, and I’m now trying to catch up!!

      I love “awesome” so you don’t have to worry about this one 😉 hhehehehe Me and Linda even had a whole month dedicated to Awesomeness lol

      Let me know if you want to participate to the postcard thing 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

    1. His name is Mathieu 🙂 Thank you for your participation, I’ll give him your card gladly… I know he’ll be super happy that some of you took the time to send him a little note 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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