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My words



My words never attain

what they intend to say,

Grasping, climbing, out of breath

reaching up

to you,


My words sleep at night transforming

into dreams,

attaining more, than I ever could

in all of my time awake on this earth

forgotten again,

with the light of day,


My words reach out to your words,

searching, chasing, almost caught up

wanting to be,

wanting to be words

entwined with your words,

with your thoughts,


My words attempt

crimes of passion,  lusting, seeking

falling at your feet, looking up into your eyes,

holding you close, hearing them breathe,

torn apart, the words between us,

angry, hurt and without meaning,

tearing, pushing, pulling you

closer once again,


My words have greeted you,

and held your words in silent embrace

not letting go, nor  wanting to


My words have journeyed with

your words, and for a while

we spoke together, but

words and time, and distance between

has made a gap, where my words  cannot



My words have told you

goodbye once again, and your words

hesitated, not wanting to part,

with my words,


My words remain, the words in my head

in my thoughts, on this piece of virtual paper,

my words reach out to you, while waving goodbye,

fare the well, enjoy, but remember all that my words

have told you,

are telling you



My words…..