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I am back from Denmark…

Hmmm. Yeah. I kind of feel like ending this post right here. But this is important, so I’ll swallow my pride, wipe the tear from the corner of my eye, and keep going.

Before I boarded the plane, I made a promise to a dear blogger of mine.

In her blog, Mrs Completely talks profusely about her better half, The Viking. I would lie if I said I never sighed at the thought of having my own Viking. So, I kind of live the dream by procuration, through her posts… lol

Back to my promise. The Viking’s family comes from Randers;



Mrs Completely asked me to cheer to them if/when we went to Randers. Tuesday morning, J and I took the train from Aalborg (indicated by the star) to Aarhus. As you can see, Randers is pretty much on the way between the two, and although I knew we didn’t really have time to stop there, I had to skål one way or another to the lady and her Viking.

I could have bought two Carlsberg or Tuborg cans but I am getting too old to drink in the morning. So I looked around, for the next best thing, and when the train announced Randers would be the next stop, here’s what I did…



Water skål, baby! Yeah, that’s all my klokken 10 self could handle. But the thought was there, and I promised myself I would go and visit the city one day!

Sitting in Montréal now, I already miss Denmark. Even in cold, winty, snowy weather, it is beautiful, and I discovered the true feeling of hygge. People can say what they want, I know I am right; Danes are amazing people! Living simply, enjoying the little things that make life good, always ready to be open and kind to strangers, especially if adressed to in Danish….

Here’s a last shot, taken in Aarhus, at the bus station.




Mrs Completely, The Viking and you were on my mind during my short trip! I know you’ll get your chance to walk on Denmark ground sooner or later… And I hope you’ll take me along too in thoughts.

Skål (cheers) to you two!



8 thoughts on “Skål!

  1. OMG you wonderful, wonderful lady!! The Viking (and me too) had tears in his eyes as I read this to him. Someday we will meet in person and we’ll have huge hugs for you. Thank you so much for thinking of us. I’ll be passing this post on to our family in Denmark. Skål Baby!!


    1. Awwww… You two are too f*cking adorable!! (no, I don’t usually curse, but I wanted to speak The Viking’s language… lol)

      I already have my share of hugs packed and ready to use! And no worries about timing, they’re like honey, they never go bad!

      My Venlig hilsen to the family still in Denmark (heldige kartofler!!), and to you and The Viking… Muuuuaah!


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