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Tell me anything, Except…




Holding her fingers to my lips,

close enough to hear the truth,

but wanting only the lies of the



Tell me anything, she said

Tell me of your desire, and your need for closeness

the pain of separation and the turmoil of the passions

that burn within,


Tell me that you only want, and need

me, and you would do anything in your power

to keep me,

To never let me go, or let the feeling that we both

have waited for this point in time,

not thinking of others, nor of the past lovers

pounding on the door of your memory,


Tell me anything, about how your life has led

you to this time and place,

how your thoughts and dreams melt into one,

when you touch me,

where others have touched you,



Tell me anything except

why you have chosen this moment

to leave me,

alone and without your caress,

just for a minute, or a collection of seconds, a heartbeat of time

or, a whisper of hummingbird wings?


The petals of the flower fall,

and my love grows cold in the bareness,

the emptiness of your absence,


Enlightenment strikes me,

the waiting is over,

we are together again


Until the next time, when…….