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You told me…



You told me that, I’d never

You told me that, I’d never

be missing you, like you

have missed me,


You told me that I’d forget you, the moment

you left my life,

leaving me nothing but a memory

and a bad one at that,


You told me that I would forget

all the time that we made love

and all the times we lost ourselves

in the passions at hand,


You told me, but..


Then tell me why the impression

of your body in my bed, where we were

together as one, still exists

in my mind?


Then tell me why, I still can

trace your smile upon

my lips, and taste your burning,



Then tell me why, I cry at night

holding onto your memory, like

I held you close, and stroked your hair,



Then tell me why, I can’t clear my

thoughts, and see anyone else

but you?


Then tell me why?