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Letter to a little girl…



Little you’re not

anymore, I know

but, I know people who

would disagree.


Tonight your joie de vivre is

pretty low

And you don’t wish

another sunrise to see.


There will be loads and loads

of tears at home, tears

of rage and tears

of sorrow.


Try to remember the love

around you, even if

your heart is heavy

your future blurry and your head

spinning out of control…


I won’t try,


I’ve walked in your

shoes, you know?

I just wish I could

help you, like an afar

big sister whilst you’re



Hang on little girl,

you are beautiful and

gifted. You have the hands

and the heart of an artist.

I have learned that just over

a dinner, can you

imagine what’s

meant to bloom in

your whole future?


Hang on,


hang on!


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