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Anyone like us…



Without even touching, I

ask for your hand,

in mine,

Your thoughts are no farther

than mine it seems, as those we

are sitting next to each other


and all of those doubts, and all

of those questions, of why and how

and how this Love could be so

intense, so intense…


I call to you, my Love and ask

that you answer in the way, that I

have dreamed it would be

and all of my hopes and all of my fears

and all of my dreams, are placed into a box

and wrapped in colored paper adorned with a bow , red

in color just like my cheeks, when I’ve blushed again when you told

me that….you told me that….

And upon the bow, was written a small card, sealed with a kiss

and looking at you, when you will open it dear,

and knowing in my heart,

and knowing that…


So if you would doubt, my feelings for you

and wonder, why I should be here now,

and wonder at the years, that have passed on by without

us finding, out that we just were,

waiting and waiting, for just the right one, and

wondering, why we would be those people,

who would Love each other, with Love so intense,

so Intense,

as anyone could


Anyone like us…


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