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Looking back on February…

Time flies in the bloggosphere, wouldn’t you say?

March already, and this morning, I could allow myself to check if there were any new flags on my world map! February has been a bit slow in the Cove, since I was gone for a while, and I realize how 10 days away from blogging can break someone’s long built pace. I am working to get my beat back, and I am pretty confident that everything will be back on track soon 🙂

Soooo… After the little break in January, here are the new flags for February:

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Hungary, Palestinian Territories, Panama, Slovenia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

As usual, I gathered a few facts about each country…  They come from The Internets, and The Internets have lied to me in the past, so if you come from one of the eight new countries that visited the Cove lately, and see a fact that isn’t accurate, please let me know, so I can correct it! 🙂

And a very warm thank you for passing by! I hope to see your flag again soon!




Bangladesh is sometimes called “the playground of seasons” because it has six separate seasons, which are called grismo (summer), barsha (rainy), sharat (autumn), hemanto (cool), sheet (winter), and bashonto (spring).

I don’t have anything funny to say about this, I just thought it was pretty cool to have 6 seasons. 

The people of Bangladesh seldom smile. This is not because they are unfriendly but because smiling much is considered a sign of immaturity.

Now I think this is an important thing to know before visiting the country. You wouldn’t want to come back home and spread the word that you just spent 2 weeks in Grumpyland when everybody you came across was delighted to welcome you, would you?




Zebras (or rather people dressed as zebras) wander the streets of La Paz helping children cross the road safely and educating drivers and pedestrians about road safety.

This, I know to be true. I have seen it on TV, and TV is much more reliable than The Internets, if you ask me…  I think every large city could benefit from having funny characters keeping an eye over dangerous intersections. Less accidents, and a little humor lift for those angry drivers tired of suffering in the traffic!


Dead animals including dried llama foetuses are sold on the streets of Bolivia to citizens so they can offer them up to Pachamama (Mother Nature) in return for blessings.

I am considering buying one of those online, if it is guarantied to calm down Mother Nature. She has been off her meds again up North, and I’d really appreciate if she calmed down a bit!




Inventions by Hungarians in Hungary include the noiseless match (by János Irinyi), Rubik’s cube (by Erno Rubik), and the krypton electric bulb (Imre Bródy).

I’ve never heard of noisy matches before today, and obviously, it used to be a problem. So I’d like to thank M. Irinyi on the behalf of every match-user in the world, who, just like me, have been cracking matches for years not knowing about your noble work! A word to M. Rubik too… Why?? Why did you have to do this to me?? (yeah, I’ve had my periods of intense “I’ll manage to finish that Rubik’s cube” frenzy)

Hungarians won gold medals at every summer Olympics except Antwerp 1920 and Los Angeles 1984 when they did not compete.

You know me… Olympics just bore me to death, but I crave good Olympic fun facts. And here I am tempted to say, “Next time you don’t compete, try to not compete better!”


Palestinian Territories


Bethlehem celebrates Christmas 3 times a year: Once on December 25 as per western tradition, then on 6 January as per the Greek Orthodox Church and then on 18 January, as per the Armenians.

Three Christmases a year? Whaooo!! One is already a lot for me, with all the preparations that have to be taken care of… Ok, I am guessing that people only celebrate one of the three, depending on their religion, but I prefer to imagine the 3 holidays festival… 



unnamed (2).jpg

Panama holds the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic…from the same spot! At the country’s narrowest point, only 80 kilometers separates the Atlantic from the Pacific Ocean.

That is a loooooong activity, though. Ok, I guess you are allowed to do something in between, but I would say it is preferable to stay on spot all day, in order to be allowed to brag about it afterwards!

The lowest toll paid was $0.36 and was paid by Richard Halliburton who crossed the Canal swimming in 1928.

I felt like that was a bit short on details. So I made a little bit of research on this man. Seems that swimming across the canal for the lowest fee ever is his main achievement, or at least what he is remembered by. ( I’ve added “crossing Panama’s canal for 35 cents to my bucket list, wish me luck!

The Panama Hat is really made in Ecuador.

One word…..  FRAUD!




The Slovanian capital’s name, Ljubljana translates as “The loved one”.

Cheesy, I heard in the back? No! That’s just cute! Ok, I can’t imagine going to “La Chérie”, but I like the concept all the same… 

If a couple gets married at the church on Bled Island, the groom must carry the bride up the 99 steps!

I must admit that I have forgotten the idea of getting married a while back. I’ll most probably never be an honest woman. But I was seduced by this tradition. I have a feeling it would have to be a 2 days event unless I dropped a few pounds, but I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that anytime soon lol




Tanzania has the most expensive hardwood tree in the world; the Mpingo trees, also known as the African Blackwood trees.

I just like the name of that wood. Mpingo tree, that sounds great. “Did you see my Mpingo clarinet? No, I can’t play it, but it is made out of Mpingo wood!!” Cool.

Time is different in Tanzania. The work day starts at 6am in Tanzania but is called the 1st hour. So when they say that church is at 10 (the 10th hour) it actually means 4pm.

Anyone who has friends in different time zones knows it means getting comfortable with time addition or substraction. It takes a little time, but after a while, you can convert time almost as a reflex. This fun facts is making me wonder if I am clever enough to have a friend in Tanzania. 

Tanzania shares its national anthem with South Africa and Zimbabwe. It is titled “Mungu Ibariki Afrika” (God Bless Africa) and was composed by Enock Sontonga.

Well, this is special. Admit you didn’t know countries could share their anthem! I thought it might mean one of two things, either 2 of the 3 countries were too lazy to come up with their own anthem… (which would bring up the question about what country composed the song to begin with?)  Or, it is just an awesome anthem. I’ll let you judge;

(I think it is pretty cool. It wouldn’t have fit Canada, not being in French or English, and Canada not being an African country, but otherwise, I wouldn’t have cared to share it too)




There is a strong belief in mermaids in Zimbabwe but they often have a bad reputation including kidnapping, torture and murder

Bad mermaids!!  No, don’t laugh, it is clever… Just think about it. Don’t you wish you could blame a unicorn for the mysterious disappearing of your annoying neighbour? Just because you don’t believe in mermaids doesn’t mean they don’t exist… I hope Zimbabwe is right about this one. 

Divorce is allowed in the country but is uncommon. It specifically is a stigma among women.

When I read this, I just had the image of a poor woman meeting with a lawyer. “Oh, yeah, sure you can divorce… But I wouldn’t, if I were you!” *crazy look at said lady*



Well, that’s about it for today… I hope you learned a thing or two!

A happy blogging March to all of you Lovelies!


17 thoughts on “Looking back on February…

  1. Cyranny, You always have such great things going on here at the cove. I love all the flags flying high. Sorry to disappoint that I only come from the same country as you…however, I think we can agree it is an awesome country (even when the weather sucks) and it is 150 years old this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Lydia, it is never a disappointment to see our red maple leaf flying in the Cove! It took a long time before I started to see it regularly, and it is always a nice feeling to think that fellows Canadians drop by!

      It is a pretty awesome country we live in, and I find it rather funny that while we celebrate its 150th anniversary, it is also Montréal’s 375th bday. 😉

      You gave me an idea… I might just work on a flag post about home! There’s a lot to say fun fact wise about such a big country 🙂

      Thanks for your always appreciated comments 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have been part of a foodie community for over 10 years now and my avatar there is a heart shaped version of the beloved Red and White. I remember as a young school girl the ceremony where the old flag was taken down and the new one was raised as we all sang the anthem. That is a memory I will cherish forever! I look forward to your Fun Fact post!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I must admit that I am more attached to Québec’s white and blue flag, but I still am a proud Canadian!

        My backpack wears its maple leaf and more than once, the simple fact that I am Canadian seems to have brought sympathy my way. I can understand why some Americans would pretend to be Canadians while abroad 😛 We are appreciated overseas and I can see why…

        We’re just such nice people, right? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I can’t say I am too taken with BC’s flag but I do like Quebec’s. Yes, our reputation abroad seems to be pretty good. To be honest, I sometimes think we are respected more abroad than down south (no disrespect to our American neighbours!)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I feel the same, and likewise, no disrespect to people South… I know so many wonderful people on the other side of the wall – no, wait, it’s not built yet, is it??

        It is just the International view that is a tad different, and we usually have a better reputation abroad…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I love this part of the month, and I am always surprised to see the number of new visitors!

      I think it is fun to check the unusual facts and things that make each country so unique! I am glad you enjoy it too…

      *Hugs* 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Mack!! 🙂 I’m doing great, pretty busy, but great all the same! The trip was incredible! I didn’t write a post about our trip per say, yet. But I have this one, about “hygge” that has to do with our journey, and displays a few pictures 🙂

      I love doing these flag posts… Can’t wait to see which new country will be visiting in March!!

      I hope you are doing just lovely… *big big big hugs!*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhh I cannot wait to check that out!!!!! I’m SOOOO glad you enjoyed your trip! WOOOHOO! I am eagerly waiting to hear where the next adventure takes you 🙂


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