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Have you ever wondered?


Have you ever wondered why fate has brought us together like this?Why having you so

close to touch was unthinkable just before now?

Why you are only at arm’s length, close enough to kiss me?

How we’ve waited for this moment, the whole of our lives?


Why do you hesitate, now that we are together?

Why don’t you drop your guard, and kiss me?

Why not take a chance, and use this moment for the two of us?


He answered, slowly and surely, not wanting to say the wrong thing at long last:

It’s probably because you’ve caught my jacket in your car door,


and I can’t move away…..


10 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered?

      1. LOL I would say so!

        Wow, I am honored to be your first at something!! 😉

        I like your tales with the Viking soooo much! And I think of Izzie each time we dare closing a door in Freja’s face, not granting her entrance to a random room, and provoking total feline hysteria!

        Liked by 1 person

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