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I thought a thought…



And I closed my eyes,

closed my dreams, and went for a ride

over the undulations of her wavy smile, and around the corner of

her sharpest wit,

I asked her,

not speaking of such things,

of why and whats,

or where we had met?


She had often replied,

in ways that were unspoken and unheard,

but I felt what she said, and it pleased me

beyond what I had expected or hoped for


I sailed upon her dark waters,

and fought the strong currents of her moods,

She tore at my misdeeds, and sent tears of anger

at my inability to understand


and I held on for dear life, wanting and praying

for understanding

to understand her,


The journey is more,

than the journey’s end

the understanding of the ways and the means

of the intentions and the expressions,

the need for love and understanding,

the need that everyone



I thought a thought, about her no less

I thought a while, after having awoken, about how I could

I would

understand her better

understand me better,

the need to be loved, and be understood


The commonality of thinking the same thoughts,


is a pleasing thought

as thoughts go…


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