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She spoke in tears and sighs…



I could only hold her close

when she began to speak of her life


I began to see images

long lost memories fading into black

She spoke of her past, revealing what had made her

the her, I saw today


I could only stand there,

my hat in my hands, trying not to look her in the eyes

for fear of not having words large enough to fill the empty spaces

in her soul,


I wanted to tell her

what I only had told myself over that time that we knew

each other,

I wanted to tell her of Love and Hope

and how that also could be a part of her life,


She continued

speaking in Tears and Sighs,

clinging on to the life that she had known,

just not the one she was destined to have,


She appeared lost and alone,

alone in my embrace, and lost in the closeness

that was us,


What makes us, do things to ourselves?

what makes us make it harder

to think that there is another way, another path

than the one that we now follow?


All of my words, and all of my feelings

tried to reach, the heights that she had attained

placing all of her insecurities, fears and loneliness

far out of reach, for anyone to know of,

for anyone to help….


I climbed and climbed,

the ladder along her emptiness

the winds tore at my intentions

and the black birds tried to dispel my optimism,

by snapping and tearing

at the last hopes that I carried to her


Reaching the top

with my last breath, and my sinews aching in accordance

with the task ahead, I waited and watched

I knew that she would have to make

the final decision, sink or swim, fall or…..


Gathering her courage, and strengthening it with

my confidence in her, she collapsed

into my arms,

looking up into my eyes, and knowing


Knowing that I loved her more

than she ever could imagine,

more than the poets could write,

or the sages could tell about,


Knowing and believing…..


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