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A new love story…

I knew there was something going on. Mother Nature was a bit (being polite here) up and down the past few years, but this Winter, she went c.r.a.z.y!

I believed she was off her pills at first, but it was worse than that. There is only one thing that could drive a woman insane like that!

Yes, I’ve heard you Bag Lady in the back (btw, why do you always stay in the back of the room, I don’t bite. Not unless you are a very attractive man – Let’s say Mads…. – and you ask for it!), and we think alike…

There is only one reason to go mad like that. Love!

But who could the “lucky” guy be?

I thought about that for a while, and I went by elimination. They had to have common interests, and weather had to be one, since her whole life revolves around it. I twisted and turned the ideas in my head until it became clear… It had to be Mr Frost. He had been pretty quiet lately, probably resting under Mother Nature’s duvet…

I was happy for them, everybody deserves to be loved. BUT, I knew that eventually there would be some frictions (she is a tad crazy… And he is quite a number, so I’m just thinking 1+1…)

And I was right! Yesterday night, we witnessed the first fight between the terrible two. There was much wind hissing, and snow throwing, and all of that on a cold cold background! Here’s a picture of the violent confrontation, seen from my office window:


No, I was not off focus, this is the clearest picture I could get of the rage and the dispute! Notice the Québec flag, flapping violently under the couple’s overflow of madness… The fight kept going all night, but I have a feeling it ended on a good note because here’s the scene as I saw it this morning…



Calmness at its best… No more wind, and no more fury. Just a slight fluffy snow falling, and and an agreable temperature, just below zero.

As if Mr Frost had wrapped his most delicate snow coat around Mother Nature’s shoulders tenderly, to be forgiven for the night before’s harsh words.

Ok, we’re stuck with a shit load of snow again, but you have to agree that it is charming nonetheless!

I might be too softhearted, or silly, or planin crazy, but I just like to imagine Mother Nature in Mr Frost’s arms… Murmuring sweet nothings in each other’s ear, discussing a possible trip to Siberia. Meaning the hope for a soon to come Springtime, with all the bird chirping and the flower blooming it means…

Keeping fingers crossed…  Travel safe ol’ Lady!



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