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When I wrote something for you…



When I chanced upon

something, I wrote

to you once, when we were together, I found

that I never finished it,



When I wrote something to you, when you and I

were lost in the dark tones of winter, not knowing

why it should be now that those things would

envelope us so completely?


When you read something that I wrote to you, as

we closed the outside world out, when you turned to

me, and told me that I was the only one that you wanted

to wake up next to in the morning, and you turned the letter

over, and started to write the story of our lives together, and I

stared up at the ceiling, listening to your words,

having just awakened next to you


When you wrote something to me, while we never left the thoughts

that bound us, while we were waking up next to each other, and we

read together the story, about how our lives had been, while the ending still was

not known


When I chanced upon

something, we once wrote together forever, and I knew that endings and

beginnings are the same as long as you are with



And that I am with you…..



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