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My crazy brains…



Many of you already know I’m missing a few screws (Nooooooo… Awww come on Lovelies, you know I don’t talk about that kind of intimate things! I meant that I am a little crazy, that’s all) and sometimes, it results in myself sitting in front of the keyboard asking myself weird questions.

I thought some of you might suffer the same need for useless information, so I decided to share my looney thoughts with you all…

For this first one, I have to share the credit with chéri. We actually had a short conversation that led to the actual question;

  • Do whales fart, and if so, does it stink?


Now, most people would just think “What, brain? No, we’re not interested in knowing this!” But not me. When that kind of question pops in my mind, I feel the urge to find out.

So I went straight to Google and typed what almost looked like a secret code;

Do whales fart?

I’ll spoil the fun, for those of you in a hurry. Yes, whales have the ability to fart.  And yes, it stinks! I still can’t believe that I now know that for a fact.

And for the curious among you, here’s where you can learn more about whale flatulences;

The whole truth

Yes, some people use their brains to make a probe land on a moving asteroid to collect data for the good of Humanity… I don’t!


2 thoughts on “My crazy brains…

  1. I’m so glad you looked into this topic! I have learned over my decades as a parent and now grandparent, that children ask these questions. It is my duty to be able to answer both accurately and immediately.


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