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I Sought Out…



I sought out

the key to her heart,

locked away it was

locked away,


I traveled, to the ends

of her memory, looking in all the places

that we’d been, to no avail

I tried to relive, the moments, the hours

spent in quiet awe and wonderment,

the time taken, climbing up the winding staircases

to the door at the top landing,

fearing not for my life, nor my love

being met with rejection and despair,


The key to her heart,

would she not with any man, share

it was hers to do with what she pleased,

be it bitter, the outcome of her pleasure

and wanting, was I to remain



The key, where was the key?

in what box, hidden

or chamber, protected wanting no less

than the sun to grace it,

not waiting in vain, nor waiting in anger

just hoping to chance, to feel, to live

the life of one who finally has found

what dreams had failed to include

and reality often cheated itself out of a chance

to do so.


I upon my knees, fell and begged for a chance

a chance to show her, what pleasures to

offer her, I could

and hopes that would fill her life and longing

until the end of time,

until the end of our time


The key to her heart…………..


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