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I’m pretty sure…

I’m not pretty sure about much in life.

39 years, and my life is still, trying to get up that great big hill of hope, as a destination…  (yeah, that’s not from me… Do you remember the tune?)

Song references aside, if life has taught me anything, it is that trust and certainty are two very precious thing. I can’t trust a lot of people, can’t trust the weather, can’t trust The Internets or things as seen on tv… Dang, sometimes, I can’t trust my own thoughts…

But this I trust to be true.



The usual Facebook scroller would just punch in a thumb up thinking about their significant other, suddenly grateful that he/she has made such a difference in her/his life.

Of course, our better half has a lot of influence over our life. And I don’t want to underestimate that fact.

But I consider all the people I came across in my life brought something to it, good or bad. My family… the friends, met and lost along the way… The strangers I exchanged a smile or shared an hours long conversation with… People who lent me a hand, some that pushed me down, sometimes with just a frowning face in a public place… Men and women who were good to me, or bad, sometimes both. Influences that people were aware of, and some completely oblivious to the fact they were changing my life even so mildly. Decades spent by my side, or just the unintentional bump of a backpack in a train…

All of you, and your “likes” and your comments…

All those little things made me who I am, and brought me where I stand.

Being aware of it won’t pay my bills, or solve my personal problems, but it does help to look back on the years past and not having regrets about them. I’ll keep making mistakes, and taking wrong turns… But I can only hope that all those little additions to my life are leading me somewhere good!

Right? Word Porn…




3 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure…

  1. “Men and women who were good to me, or bad, sometimes both. Influences that people were aware of, and some completely oblivious to the fact they were changing my life even so mildly.”

    I like what you wrote here – I had scribblings a while back that never got to something that said what I wanted – to all the people who I felt treated me badly, from unintentional indifference through to deliberate evil and everything in between, about how they inadvertantly gave me so much on my journey. It felt interesing in that it was both a recognition of change, agents of change and how unexpected some outcomes are but also a way of releasing any semblance of bad feeling toward people … if that makes sense …


  2. It took years but I learned to be grateful for the evil ones as well as the oblivious and the nice ones that have passed through my life. I wouldn’t be ME without them all. I’m grateful for the people I have met here through blogging. Some have been just horrid and others, like you sweet girl, have brightened my days and nights immeasurably. Thank you.


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