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If Only, I Knew the Words…



If I knew the words
to tell you how I feel,
the exact phrase,
the precise collection
of vowels and consonants,

If I knew, how to tell you
in the way that I’ve practiced
in the most romantic way, the length
and the depth of emotion, the eternal,
and the most heartfelt,

If only, the chance were mine
the one in a lifetime
the one that everyone, everywhere waits
the once in their lives, when the right one
comes along, and says

If only, I could convince you
that my words were worth the price of gold
that my words, were worth more, than others
said in the same way,
that my words, would be echoed in your heart,
until you and I ceased our existence on this planet

The words, the ones I whisper in your ear,
the words, that fall upon the letters, I write
the words, that only I can tell you,
the words,

If only, I could find
the exact words…


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