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The Sullenness…



She tapped on the window

as the road rushed on by

as if the tune in her head

beat out the rhythm of

her impatience,


Stopping, at some derelict Café

in the middle of nowhere,

right along the route, of her choice,


The coffee, dirty cups and dirty looks

the waitress, enveloped in her sullenness,

scowled, but


She just smiled, and motioned me back

to the time when, the earth shook, and the stars fell

whenever we touched,

whenever the strains of music

echoed in the halls and otherwise empty rooms

when we made love….


I chased her, from one consciousness to another

one life to the next, catching her somewhere

in my dreams,

driving away from that place

where dead dreams died,

long ago, never to be revived again,


The road wound on, the tapping of her fingers

incessantly, on the  windows reflecting

her face reflecting the drops of the rain

against my skin


I asked her,

to be not more than I could handle

not more than the length of our passionate

nights, or the width of her growing


to me


I wanted, stopping the car

picking up someone, who looked not unlike

you, but you were not next to me



My dreams were not dark enough

for you it seemed, for I felt as if

I was drowning in the waters of your emptiness,

your emptiness,


You slid onto the seat beside me,

your eyes, reflecting the road,

still wet from the rains, from the tears,

and the loss of her love,


“Where are we going?”, she asked

not seeming to care what the answer was

as long as it took her away from where she had been,


I hesitated to answer,

the rain seemed to part company,

with the clouds

and the sullenness,


She started to tap out a tune,

her fingers on the window, as if

its cadence soothed her being

soothed her soul,


“Should we stop, somewhere?”

she asked with a hint of longing

in her voice,

a longing for…..






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