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The last thing…



The last thing
I ever expected to happen

Not knowing you
was a distance within reach

Not knowing you was easier
than knowing, but not having

When we were just us, on our own
We were content, not knowing the other, and then

One day, then two, the realization became
that we existed in the same time frame, but still not knowing

That I found you, made me wonder, who you were
why you existed, and for many years indeed, without knowing me

Call it fate, or call it destiny,
Call it the unknown, or the less obvious

The last thing, I ever expected to happen
My unknown intention
The less than obvious, totally unrelated
The emotion that I had saved for others

Knowing you now,
Just not knowing you then
Made me aware, of how poor I had been
And how rich, I am today

Not knowing you was easier,
Then knowing, but not having
Not loving
Not caressing the thought
Of your thoughts caressing mine

The poorer, the richer
the knowing and understanding
The small thoughts
The larger and greater good

The satisfaction of knowing you
Just the pain of not having you


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