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Having a Dish of Flower Petals…



Having a dish of flower petals

faded colors, fading Summer memories

the dryness, threatens

to blow my memories away,


In taking them up, and stroking them thus

is not unlike stroking your skin

when you held those flowers against your breast

and smiled Summer smiles to me, and then


We made love to the sounds of the sweetness

the gentleness of the Summer breezes

the sunlight in your hair, soft and soothing

the curtains flapping in the breezes,


A moment occurred, drawing my intentions away,

my mind wandered, and walked a short walk,

while we lay there, softly,

wanting to encapsulate this day, unending


The petals of your flowers, fell as if in slow motion

gracing the floor with their presence, as you graced

my life, and my love


I held, the petals to the light

and looked through them, as the veil of perfection

you wore against your skin, while I caressed your insecurities

and warmed your fears, in the strength

of my embrace


The Summer fading

made streaks in your hair, reflecting

the colors of Autumn, flowers fading, leaves blowing


The petals being gathered up

by me, and placed so gently

in a small dish, adorned with your smile

and gentle disposition


I wished a wish, one that I often had

as a Summer Visitor, leaving the bed undone

and the covers strewn about, as if it hastened

to make Love, while the Summer held it

in its grip, in its grasp, reflecting

the tightness of your embrace, signaling

the Bitter taste of Goodbye,


Goodbye, once again

Oh, how I long for shorter Goodbyes

and longer Embraces

and yet, so shorter Distances,

between us


Or at least, a larger dish

one that could encompass the flowers

and their petals, in eternal freshness

not fading as the Summer and you,

taking your leave, your presence, your smile



The day that you picked those flowers

and held them closer, than I ever dared ask,

permission to do so, myself


And that made me jealous

of them, having the luxury

of being,

so close to you….


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