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This afternoon, one of the guys of the department next to ours came knocking at our door to offer my colleagues and I some cookies.

I’m no Cookie Monster… You remember this friendly gang, don’t you?


(Cookie Monster is the big blue fuzzy thing on the right. For some reason, I prefered Oscar, the grumpy green guy in the middle… Don’t judge me, I always had a thing for underdogs)

So, yes, not much of a cookie craver, but I looked in the box, and I had a surprise. Goglu cookies!!  I had to have a few, because Goglus are directly linked to my childhood, and even if I don’t enjoy them as much as I used to, the memories follow nonetheless every time I take a bite into one.


Goglus are a classic here in Québec. Everybody knows them. You can learn a little more here.

Personally, I used to have Goglus almost only at my Grand Ma’s. My mormor as Danes would say… Mom’s mom. I suspect her and Grand Pa of having bought shares of the company… There was always a shitload (I know, not a pretty word, but it makes me laugh… ) of the square cookies in the cupboard when we visited.

Every reason was good for Grand Pa to reach to the top shelf, and take a couple of Goglus out. Some could think he bought our love with cookies, but he already had it, so if it was the point, he just lost money buying the sweet treats!

When my Grand Parents babysat little bro and I, I had my before bed tradition… Grand Ma would poor me a tall (well not that tall, but tall for little me) glass of milk, and took the Goglu box out and left it open on the counter.  I would take the cookies, reduce them to crumbles, and mix them in the milk. I was allowed to take as many cookies as needed to get a gooey paste I would eat with a spoon.

Mom probably would have disapproved of my “late” evening snack. But isn’t that what grand parents are for??

I don’t really like Goglus anymore… But I love the memories that come with them!


Do you have special foods that bring back sweet childhood souvenirs, even if you don’t really enjoy them anymore? I’m just curious 🙂 Please share if you do….


12 thoughts on “Nostalgia…

    1. OMG!! Yessss… I had forgotten those little cupcakes! I honestly don’t remember what they taste like, but now I’m getting curious lol

      Glad you had a good time with Grover 🙂 🙂 I have planned some major updating on my Amazing Race page… It is loooong overdue!!

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  1. Sometimes the smallest thing can take you somewhere, and nobody ever needs to know (though its nice to share, thanks). Sometimes its better that way, you don’t always want your precious memories mixed with others and diluted or not absorbed, for me they are often if not always best served in solitude, even when there’s company. Oh, unless its a shared memory – then it can be twice as special!

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    1. I agree with you in parts… I do have a secret garden filled with my favorite memories. Those, I usually keep for my quiet evenings, and I visit them in silence.

      But I enjoy sharing some less representative souvenirs in the Cove, especially when (like in this case) they are come backs from the past that I had totally forgotten about 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your point of view… your opinions are always interesting and/or thought provoking 🙂


    1. I had to Google this one, but I remember having them when I was a child!! I’m not sure I’d enjoy them as much now, since they’re so sweet, but I did like them a lot back then…

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 xx

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  2. I love your memory of your grandparents. My grandmother used to keep boxes of an assorted type of cookie in her dining room cabinet and would always take the box out and let me take whatever kind and however many I wanted.

    They weren’t a favorite of mine but I liked them well enough. I love that memory though.

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    1. Isn’t it funny how grand parents seem to win grand children with cookies 😛 The kind really doesn’t count, it is probably just a cookie rule.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 Feels good to see other people have similar memories 🙂

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  3. jammy dodgers. they are an english biscuit (cookie) with a blob of jam in the center… grandmother used to have them shipped to her by a cousin in Bristol. We’d 9of course) try to get all the jam from the middle before eating the cookie. Made an unholy mess with them and grammie didn’t care.

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    1. Oh Suze, the name didn’t ring a bell, but now that I’ve googled it (thank you The Internets!!) I remember those sweet treats!!

      Yum!! I wonder if they’re still on the market, I’d be curious to know what I’d think about them today… I used to looooove them. I never thought about deconstructing them, though. Surprises me, it’s totally the kind of thing I could have done too… lol


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