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Through the Night…



I rode through the night
the inky darkness encased me
and my steed, as if
we were one with the darkness,

We were one with the wind
it flowed along the lines and contours
of my memory of her, and of her ways,

The hooves seemed as if
never touching the ground, they were
the sound of the undulating terrain
against the sharpness of my intentions
fought as if the one defined the other,

I grasped the mane, as if your hair
flowed between my fingers, defining the moment
my fingers felt your emotions, among the strands
as if to tell me of your life and loves, while I stroked
the gentleness of your memory,

The blackness tore at my clothing, my hair
my very soul, emptying my vessel, and filling it again
I lie on the darkened shore, of your endless seas
and looked into your eyes, as the horse raced along
beside a horse of similar colors, darkened rainbows
blackened hearts which were made pure again by the
grace of your forgiveness, your gentleness, your charm

I felt the horse pant
with raw emotion, as we
as we considered the rising sun
casting the yellow and oranges of your smile
across the undulating waves
of emotion,

My steed knew what I expected of it
and obey, it did
almost as the time when I won your love
with the willingness, the acceptance that we
would be lovers until the end of time

-until the end of time….





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