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Remember Madame Suze?

Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove. Cyranny’s Cove is a lovely seaside fantasy in frozenland (Canada). The people of the cove speak fluent French which Cyr allows me to “translate’ every now and then into English. Cyranny knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that my translations are exemplary even though I speak not a word of…

via April a-z challenge: Cyranny — Obsolete Childhood


Remember Madame Suze?? I used to link her everytime I had the chance… But I have been a little calm lately. I just wanted her to forget about the restraining order threats she made. She and Notthedane56 have been my favorite victims, when it came to showering my attention (read “stalking”).

Well here’s what she wrote about the Cove…   *Blushing big time!!!*

Mme Suze has one of the craziest sense of humor I’ve encountered, and her imagination has no end. She writes aaaaweesoome comments, and is always there for a little pat on the back when you feel down. You can count on her if you need an entertaining anecdote, or travel souvenirs… She is brilliant and has an out of this world culture! Definately one of the greatest women of our cyber-community! You gotta love the lady!

If you don’t know her… Please pay her a little visit! You can thank me later 🙂


4 thoughts on “Remember Madame Suze?

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww, you guys! this is so sweet……….okay, so what now? Am I supposed to go to the court and say “oh forget that silly old restraining order”? hummmmmmm. Oh and Cry? Jack (the danged donkey) was sent to Timbuktu but they didn’t want him so they SENT HIM BACK! Now what do I do with this crazed donkey? Perhaps a third..or fourth blog post? dag nab it!

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    1. Well, I haven’t planned a trip to the US yet, so I guess you can wait to visit the court 🙂

      LOL You should have called Jack “Bolo” but it wouldn’t mean anything in English (in French, it is a game, a piece of wood, with a ball attached to it with an elastic, the point being to tapping the ball with the paddle as many time as possible in a row… VERY annoying game for parents…)

      I hope your doing great!!! Mega hugs from Freezingland! (Slowly unfreezing now, though)


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