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The Letter I Should Have Written to You…





Cold days, even colder nights

without you,

You said that we would be together, in body and soul

with patience being the key,

My key chain has many occupants,

opening up this possibility, locking doors behind me,

never the right one, at the right time,


Won’t you come visit me, when time fits

the size never seems right, being too short on the one end,

and too long in between,

We could walk along the paths, the forest road

the tree limbs hanging low, scratching and tearing, forked branches

forked paths,

I took my way, and you yours

You once told me that love would find the way,

just not our way, it seems,


The letter, I never intended to write, with the message,

I never thought of admitting to,

Our timing was just off, that’s all

posting letters, dropping a line,

torn envelopes, tear-stained letters,


Yours forever, in hopes and fears

Yours dearest,

with all my love forever,





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