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My Eyes, Tired and Then…



I strove to keep my eyes,

open and awake, but the tiredness

the fatigue of living, sometimes forces

a closure of that which encompasses my thoughts,


I dreamed a dream

of someone, walking,

away from me after, we just had spoken

but what made her turn, away without a word,

and made me wonder if it were me, or was it her that said…


I dreamed a new dream, or was it a dream inside itself,

of someone who walked toward me, a voice spoke, and hands

motioned, as if I were to follow after, as if there were something to see…


I lay along the shore, where all unused dreams

washed up with the tide, with some of them sliding along the sands

being taken back to the heart, of the sea,

of  the sea,

and my footprints dug down, in the dream traces, fading,

hoping to catch, to ensnare some of the life, the promises

within, the outline of someone

fading into the foam, the image of someone

coming closer to me….


And my dreams merged into one,

and someone, that could be you, motioned

and beckoned to the someone that was me…..


We, being together, for a moment of time

a briefness, and eternity, a joining of forces,

an encounter that spanned the ages,

weathered down into small particles,

being dragged back to the heart

of the sea,

of the sea…..


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