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A walk in my head…

Okie, I have to put a warning before this one. No… Really!

I mean I am serious… The video at the end of this post is not fun to watch, if you have any sympathy whatsoever for pets!

I watched it about a week ago, and I witnessed my conversation with my own self during the watch. Now, the video is only 45 seconds long, but it gave place to quite a (completely useless) silent monologue. I thought about making a post about it… then thought it wasn’t Cove material, with the yuck video. Then it kept coming back, as annoying as… Well, something very very annoying!

So, here it is… A walk in my head… But before that, so you can’t say I didn’t warn you…


Please note that this is not just “a” warning…  It is THE warning. Well… The first…

Oh yeah, because I went Google-hunting for THE warning, But as any Google-hunt goes, I have a blurry idea of what I want, and I usually drift slowly, far far away from it, ending up anywhere but where I wanted to go!

And since this post is about my mind wanderings, I thought it was just fair to walk you through the whole process… So, I found THE warning, and then I looked around a little bit and found this one, that made me smile, and then things spiralled out of control…


Warning Sign


This one is actually pretty interesting… I could put it near the toaster at the office (If you have no clue what I am talking about, click here)


Hahahahahahahahahaha…  What was I doing before this?


Sexist… but still…. LOL


I wish…. (I had super powers like that… I don’t want to kill you! Please don’t run away, I am such a nice person!!)


Hahahahah LOL Hahahahaha


Can I get an “Arrrr” on this one…?


*Snort* But, really… What was I doing again?…. Oh! Look! They have those I-don’t-know-how-to-call-them signs too!!!




OMG, that must be where all the road rage originally began!! LOL


Okie, this one is really great!!  Church people with a sense of humor totally rock!!

With this said, where were we? Oh… Yeah!



So here is the video I saw. You don’t have to! I don’t recommend it for sensitive people. I was scrolling when I fell on it. And now that Facebook runs videos wether you want to see them or not, I got caught, against my will… So for those of you who’d like to pass, I’ll explain loosely the 45 seconds just below the Youtube window!



Here’s an aligator, or a crocodile (I never knew the difference… But I do know the difference between a goat and a sheep!!) dragging a dog underwater at an extremely slow pace. The dog is obviously dead, and the crocaligator passes under a bridge with it in his killing jaws….

The end.


Most people would have thought or said

  • OMG, that’s terrible!
  • Yuck!
  • Is that a… Oh yeah, it’s a dog!

Or something like it.


Here’s what my brain decided to do… (you are allowed to “unfollow” the Cove after this! Not that you weren’t before, but I give you my blessing here… My brain is beyond repair)


me: What? I didn’t ask to see… What is that? A crocodile? An aligator? What’s the difference anyway? (see, I told you I didn’t know the difference!!) What is it dragging… Please not a… Pfewww it’s a dog! Hey, did I just get releived that a dog is dead? That’s probably because I have a cat… Yeah, but I had dogs before.. I loved them, I love dogs… Probably as much as cats… Yeah, maybe not. Hey!! Why isn’t anybody doing anything?? Come on, a dog owner wouldn’t just watch a crocaligator drag its dead dog around like that… Wait, is it really dead? Oh yeah, its head is clearly under water. It’s dead, I probably wouldn’t fight a croc just to get back my already dead dog’s body… Then again… Would I? Hmmm. I might try something. What if I surprised the croc? My Gawd, I’m happy I don’t live in Florida… Is that in Florida? Anyway, Freja doesn’t go outstide the apartment…


Some people use their brains to cure cancer… Some to build spaceships…

I don’t.


One thought on “A walk in my head…

  1. I adored your warnings! Especially the one with the lasers and sh$t! Laughed until I peed! was that tmi? (too much information) probably and I know I tend to do that and am almost sort of sorry but not really. Oh yea, i passed by the video. Have a fear of crocaligators actually. I used to live in florida. I was very (VERY) pregnant when I lived there. I lived next to Lake wierd is it anyway to be suze next to lake suzanne? Anywho, There was a big log next to the lake after a storm and i was bored so I walked down to the lake (well I sort of waddled actually…that preggers thing ya know) and thought I’d rest on the log. Yea…sigh…it wasn’t a log..more like an alligator…..that got mad and turned and started to snap those jaws at of course I ran (waddling all the way and holding on to my HUGE belly so the kid wouldn’t fall out) screaming OMG at the top of my lungs. Did you know…aligators are FAST on land? yea, i didn’t either…till one was chasing me cause I sat on him. The retired guy downstairs from me ran out with his nine iron (Yes, of course I asked what kind of golf club he used) and smacked the beast on its nose so it stopped chasing me. True story…no exaggeration either as it needs none to make it horrifyingly hilarious!


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