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The sound of his steps…



Curled up under the warm duvet, she fought sleep a little longer. She liked to let her thoughts wander before she lost control of them for the night. She revisited the day past, and  her mind focused on the sound of his steps earlier that afternoon…

– Oh yeah, I’ve been told before.. I’m a heavy walker, you know!

That thought seemed to amuse him, and he laughed heartedly as they kept going along the path in the woods. She blushed a little, embarassed to have mentionned something that now looked somewhat silly, just not to her.

She, herself had a stealth walk. Her feet never made noise when they touched the ground and people often criticized her for it.

“Ah!! I didn’t hear you coming! Stop scaring me like this! You always arrive like a mouse!!!”

She sometimes wished she had the confident walk of those high heeled women, that clicked proudly about, and announced themselves whenever they entered a room… Instead of that, she went unnoticed and made people jump every now and then.

She closed her eyes and concentrated her thoughts again on the assured stomping of his feet… The steady pace lulled her, and she smiled, thinking how reassuring it was to know she could always follow him, even on a foggy new moon’s night. His footsteps guiding her, as they were, just now, whilst she let herself slip into sleep…


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