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I Would Never Dare…

I would never dare
tell myself, not today
nor tomorrow, even if
you pleaded with me,

I wish, I could tell myself,
Not to fall, into the deepest of holes
and the farthest stretches of imagination
and to tell you that,

I have pleaded unmercifully
with myself,
not to divulge, what dwells
down in my heart,
not to myself, nor to my fears
of never, ever being able to tell
her how I feel,

I wish, I had the strength
to pull myself together
and garner enough courage
to ease my aching heart,
to tell of how I feel,
to finally, after all my trials
and tribulations,
and hesitations,
and doubts,
being able to…

But then, I would never dare
hope that you, yes you
would reciprocate my love
my desires, my longings
my heartfelt thanks
of knowing you, and hoping that you
would be mine….

I wouldn’t dare ask myself
to dare believe
so much

I just wouldn’t dare….





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