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Her Dreams…



Her dreams
scared me, even though
I knew they were only

She used to tell me
how she walked her dream halls
darkened and sloping
towards the fiery glow
of her subconsciousness

She motioned me towards
the door leading down
as if I too had to experience
the darkness, she kept hidden

The light of day,
1000 suns, would never penetrate
never grace the halls with their glory

Her darkness weighed heavy
on my chest, stifling all hope
and thoughts of love
her desire remained, but it
was something that changed
and twisted, as if she was being stretched
upon the cold and uneven ground,

The dark forms around us,
faces from her past, looming
pale memories, wasted moments
former lovers, inflicting and receiving
her pain and regrets

I held myself along the moistened walls
the tears that she cried in the night
of unrequited love and a hopelessness
that echoed her thoughts into the future
of no hope,

I tried to think of better times
what I had told her, what I believed for her
the darkness seemed to close around me
like a cloak that wouldn’t open,
fitting tighter and tighter
strangling all hope and pleasure
in one fell swoop,

The walls and floors began to shake
throwing us to the ground
the red glow came closer
the fires leaping and laughing
licking the ceiling, and setting it alight

She turned and moaned in her sleep
I touched her arm, and caressed it
which caused her to sigh,
a thousand easing sighs, ending in a smile

the night grew lighter into day again
the shadows crept slowly, then ran into their corners
running as the light squeezed into the room
illuminating the walls as if the sun never had done so before

She turned to me, as a small black shadow
hidden among her lips, disappeared, when I touched my lips
to hers

She opened her eyes and smiled..

-then said.
Lucky for me,

The darkness did not become you…..


3 thoughts on “Her Dreams…

  1. Beautifully written. I like the epic journey her nightmares almost seem to be. A journey they both go through, the darkest places of her dreams, where light cannot touch but Inlive that his touch jars her out if it. Touch us so powerful, a fitting heroic deed, to bring her into light, as the days begins.

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