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A Crocalog tale…


Everybody knows about the sisterance between Madame Suze and me…

Suze is an absolutely incredibly precious woman, although slightly crazy on the side. (Which is fine with me, since I am just planin wacko!) I hope you have been blessed with at least one of Suze’s delicious comments… She is just hilarious, and this post goes to her!

Not long ago, she left one of her legendary responses to one of my silly stories (see original post here) I immediately thought it was worth a post of its own, and after trying to get someone to illustrate it for me – therefore, saving you from my own, terrible sketching – I had to face it: I had to do it by myself… *sigh*

So here’s Suze’s story… Reality being bigger than fiction, an usual in her book of life anecdotes!

Sorry for the bad drawing… This actually took a lot more time to prepare than it looks!

The words are those of Suze, as left in my comment box!




I used to live in florida. I was very (VERY) pregnant when I lived there.



I lived next to Lake wierd is it anyway to be suze next to lake suzanne?



Anywho, There was a big log next to the lake after a storm and i was bored so I walked down to the lake (well I sort of waddled actually…that preggers thing ya know) and thought I’d rest on the log.



Yea…sigh…it wasn’t a log..more like an alligator…..that got mad and turned and started to snap those jaws at me..



so of course I ran (waddling all the way and holding on to my HUGE belly so the kid wouldn’t fall out) screaming OMG at the top of my lungs. Did you know…aligators are FAST on land? yea, i didn’t either…till one was chasing me cause I sat on him.



The retired guy downstairs from me ran out with his nine iron (Yes, of course I asked what kind of golf club he used)



and smacked the beast on its nose so it stopped chasing me. True story…no exaggeration either as it needs none to make it horrifyingly hilarious!




Sorry for your eyes!


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