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I really should… (or the tales of an Olympic excuse-maker)

Good evening Lovelies!

I really should be in my room right now, cleaning, and moving things around. I know I should, but I am not. I am sitting comfortably in the living room, with my tablet, making excuses for not doing what I should be doing.

See, at the beginning of the week, we had a strong rainstorm, and the next day, I noticed that the ceiling’s paint had started chipping in a corner of the bedroom. Dang! Probably meaning there is a leak in the roof, and therefore meaning things would get worse when it rains again.

So…  I have to tell our landlord about it to have things fixed, which wouldn’t mean like a big deal for most people, right? But I am not “most people” and two things are annoying me right now.

First, I am not too excited about letting the landlord, and most certainly other people into my home to repair the dang wall. Yeah, I have this slightly crazy thing about my privacy. To enter my apartment, you have to be on the list! And that list is short! In fact, if I ever invite you to come to my house, it means a LOT. If I invite you to sleep over, you obviously are very special to me! I like people, I just don’t feel comfortable sharing the privacy of my cocoon with people. Don’t judge me!!

Second, when I clean the apartment, I have this habit of taking stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere, and stuff it in the room thinking only chéri and I will see it, until I find a place to store it. But of course, I close the door and let things pile up. So you see the problem here? Yeah, I have all kinds of random things that have to be moved where they should have been relocated long ago. This will require time, work and creativity.

If only I was in the mood to do this. Am I ever? Not really, but some days, my motivation level is much higher than today.

Am I lazy? No. Well, yes, a little.

I like to think it is because I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. When I start, I know I’ll go for it 100%. Which means hours and hours of hard work. Meh… I started already, and thought it was a good thing to take a break and come and tell you. Now, I should go back, but my mind is reminding me of the endless list of good reasons to wait a little.

  • There is an exciting hockey game on tv. It’s playoff time, and every game is crucial. Our team has scored twice already, obviously meaning I am bringing them good luck! What if I went back to my room, and they lost? Can I really risk this??
  • Email check up…. Nope, nothing!
  • I work a lot these days (ok, don’t giggle, thinking I always say that!! That’s rude!) and only have today and tomorrow to sit back and relax a bit… I would deserve some rest, wouldn’t I?
  • I do need to have dinner. It is no good to work on an empty stomach… And those Alfredo linguine with tuna are tempting!
  • The garden! I need to water the startup garden!
  • I know that Momma is throwing a great Meet & Greet party. I should just go and say “hi” to everyone… And visit a few new bloggers, because, hey! That’s just the thing to do…
  • A hot bath might help me get motivated. Maybe not, but it would relax me. I always work better when my mind is not spinning like a hamster in its wheel.
  • Email check up… Nope, nothing!
  • Freja is hungry… I just have to feed her, and then, I will head back to the room… Promise. Well, I’ll just clean her litterbox. And play a little hide and seek, and pet her…
  • I got a letter from Amélie Nothomb, the writer I met last week… It would only be polite to write back. Bringing me to next point;
  • I could finish the post about my meeting with Amélie and how I got a letter from her, less than a week later. Exciting stuff, unlike cleaning the room…
  • There are a few good tunes on Itune, I’d like to get and load them on my Ipod. Music helps me focus on my cleaning, and it means extra exercise, since I can’t help wiggling my butt!
  • Did I tell Mom I’d call her tonight? Hmmm…
  • Check emails… Nope, nothing!


Yeah… Hmmm.

I better get to it…

Please tell me I’m not the only one getting the cleaning whimsies!!





2 thoughts on “I really should… (or the tales of an Olympic excuse-maker)

  1. You should really come over but I get that you should do all the other things on your list too… oh and then you should of course get your bedroom ready. By the way: I totally understand you re having strangers over. I do love to entertain our friends at home but I definitely don’t like people in my bedroom. Happy Easter weekend xoxo

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