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Picture Battle… Cyra vs OM ($$ vs talent)

A sweet Saturday, trying to catch on the latest posts you Lovelies have published, hoping for mystery tales, funny stories and a little poetry.

And he does it again!

You’d think I would get tired of Jason’s bragging about his fancy liquor bottles, perfect family and expensive hobbies? Nope!  😉

I know I live a cheap life compared to him, and that’s fine by me… If I didn’t, I couldn’t silly battle him every time he posts a picture!

Here‘s his latest addition to his fabulous blog, Harsh Reality.

And here’s my way to fight back:



I haven’t found small enough darts yet. I might use toothpicks and duct tape pidgeon feathers on them… Work in progress, as they say!

Now, I’m wondering how long it will take before Chéri asks why there’s a tiny darts board stuck to the living room’s wall… Mouahahaha. I can already imagine the eye rolling when I explain myself.

Some people use their brains to cure terrible diseases.. Some to build spaceships…

I don’t.


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