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Dressed to kill…




Fearing for my life
such a trifle,
when she wore her red dress
and sharpened her nails,
Do you desire me?
she asked while she circled
a tigress smelling blood
the prey, feeling somewhat
scared was a good word
intimidated, hunted,
bound and left to die
a horrible death, torn
from limb to limb
drawn and quartered
her blood lust knew no limits
and I, I considered my possibilities
my options, the last wish,
a cigar and a glass of Amontillado
sitting by the fire, toasting to her health
our glasses smashing to the sounds
of our lips, locked in eternal embrace
the night calling out
tearing off her clothes,
and throwing her onto the bed
the rose-covered bed,
my fiery passions
overheated to the point
of exploding,
the frenzy, the ultimate ecstasy,

and then she spoke, she whispered

then hissed my name…..
“Zip me up won’t you?
I never can reach the darn thing……”


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