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Her Every Need…


Today was just perfect
all alone at home,
just me and my kinky thoughts
me, her, and various accessories

We’ve waited for this moment
waited, wished, and panted after
I called her cellphone to get things
Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep Beep-Beep…..
Dang. Busy. Just my luck
What was on that list we made together?
1. honey
2. molasses – to slow the action down a bit
3. chocolate and strawberries
4. cucumber – eating, or?
I admit that the list seemed
incomplete, but then there was our
wild imagination…
Dang. Still busy. On today of all days.
She was always good for suggestions
outside in the cold – I couldn’t get excited about that
inside with the drapes open – the laugh of the neighbors didn’t add to the ambience of the moment
5. wax for the hardwood flooring
6. pinot noir flavored condoms
7. tear-away clothing – I suggested lumberjack shirts
The day is flying by, with fading anticipation
and not only in the case of my thoughts…
I’ll try again. …..
“Hello, Who is this?”
“It is I, your lover boy”
“Cut the crap. The cat has gotten sick and has vomited over the whole apartment. Don’t even mention “love” to me right now.”
Dang. She hung up. I wonder when I should try to call again?

After all, the whole of my planning is to satisfy her every need……



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