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A Candle Burning…

Greg Helton Photography


A candle burning
what I set in my window
reminding me of a love
gone lost,

She came to me,
not expecting to be loved
and I, in my blindness
failed to see her as well,

Not seeing, or just
not wanting to see what
is sometimes right in front of us

Not being aware of life surrounding
creeping up, blossoming
standing right next to, running
alongside, invisible, until
hand touches heart,

I denied myself the pleasure
of wanting that what I knew
what I never could attain, what
eluded me in all other years,
what tempted and teased,
what alluded to be something
what wasn’t that at all,

A candle burning
in the corner of the room
not intending to illuminate,
nor strive to inform
a simple source of flickering
a non electrical entity,
shining in its corner
growing smaller all the while,

As if to say, to yell out loudly
to call to my attention, to cry,
weeping at my indecision,
a small whimper, a louder roar
a thunderous exclamation
“I Love You!” She said, loudly

I looked about the room
my cobwebs, and the dust
filling the empty spaces of my
otherwise non-existence, my
feeble attempts at localizing the trouble
awaking my fears and indecision
revealing the part of me, hidden to most
wanting to surface, being held down
and told,
“To love is not for you”

Renouncing the sounds
of someone who wanted
to make me aware of the light, dancing
the room being brightly, as 10 suns shining
the love of someone, who radiated her trust
her longing, her waiting for the right one to come,
and standing in front, dancing on the side, moving about
as if not to be missed, the glaring achievement
of falling in love, so deeply, so resolutely, so intense
as anyone could have loved….

And as I awoke to the sound
of the Angels of Heaven singing
and the cares and the doubts
that fell away as silken cloth
that draped me in sorrow, in darkness
and blackness, that sought to own me
and toss me aside, wanting…

The candle in my window
my mind’s eye, my heart space
the entity of waiting, a lifetime and more
the eternal, the purity, the chance to do,
the way to live, the calling to answer
the way and the truth
the way that she called
the way that I finally
saw through my doubts, lightly

The candle illuminated
the best part of all
my true love, standing
not running, walking, dancing away
from someone so blind, so deaf, so indifferent
someone wanting a love

A love like hers, burning….



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