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Her red wine smile…



Her red wine smile
swirled about in my glass
the last drops reserved to toast
the warmth of her smile,

The effervescence of being
with her, and her ways
that rained down upon me
like flowers from her rainbows

The colors, the colors
the warmth of her summer fields
the yellows and reds
of tulips adorning her hair

The spring that we met
glows red in my memory
the warmth of her embers
her fingers on my skin,

The wine swirled thus
around my life’s glass
I longed to decant her wine
into mine,

Her smile coaxed
and tempted,
my lips
to taste of her sweetness
intoxicating she was,
my life and my love
my future embodied
in one so gentle, so strong
so soft to the touch
so hard in her words
denying me nothing


I downed her memory
fingers waiting to throw
the glass at the stones
of the soon dying fire,

I hesitated,
and placed another piece
of summer dried oak
so strong and so sturdy
quick to light
long to burn,

Her memory aglow
ready once again to fill
my heart’s glass

her desire,


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