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Chancing to Meet Her…



to win her
attention, to win her
a chance, I had to take,

Chancing to meet her
again, as if the days
were finite, between
the last and the first
time that we chanced
upon each other’s smiles

I could count them
on the fingers of my hands
and on hers as well,
but it seemed as if
the time stretched longer
as if to be a carpet
moving away, as I moved
to her,

She told me,
that meet again, we would
but patience the most terrible, was
breaking and tempting, others indeed
pursuing her shadow, around the corner
and when I caught up to her
and not her, smiling,
the temptation of finding
someone else, tempted

Which tempted my patience
being very impatient, it seemed
to want to look, to touch
to adore, what my past memory
remembered of her,
-the way she looked at me
-the way that I knew then,

All the other facsimiles, and copies
who wanted to tempt
my frail, lonely heart
drawing me closer, to touch
to touch, just not her
which made my patience break
and scatter to the wind,

Her voice
calling, calling out

“Fear not, and don’t give in
and don’t give up”

and falling down, as I wept
“how could I desire?”
“others, and not
not her who I desire most of all?”

Then around the corner, and the corner
again, she came to me, smiling
resolute in the knowing
that tempted, I was
but not to slip
-and not to sway,
-and not to give in

For patience, I had
in the end, in this all ends
when together, we were
going around the corner
and corner again,

Having won the patience
of her smile
and mine….


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