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Self confidence… Or the lack of.




Self confidence….  wouldn’t brag about being good at it (because I am not)… But some people are just total champions at lacking it, and sometimes, I wonder if they even listen to themselves…

Part of my Booh job is to regularly call stores, to tell them it is time for the annual cleaning of their lotery equipment (I provide technical support for those terminals… and much more than that if you ask me, but that’s not the point, here)

Heard today…


Me: Good afternoon, I’m calling from “name of our company”, to tell you that next week, a technician will visit your store for the annual cleaning of the terminal.

Her: Oh, I’m sorry, can you call back tomorrow, please? All the people at the customer service have already left… I am just the pharmacist.

Me: Would it be possible for you to pass the message on, just so they (customer service agents…. I am guessing cashiers) are aware that it is normal that a technician shows up sometime next week?

Her: Yes, sure…


And I just wanted to add something, but I kept it for myself, as it wouldn’t have sounded very professional, although totally heartfelt….

Just the pharmacist? Feels to me that it is the most important job, in a pharmacy… Isn’t it??


Just thinking…



2 thoughts on “Self confidence… Or the lack of.

  1. Amazing how much you can learn from listening carefully to peoples choice of words … and amazing sometimes how we slip into the same thing ourselves without actually realising it. “oh I’m just a ….” – humility maybe, not having a sense of grandeur, or lack of self esteem or self confidence. Hard to say sometimes, but still very interesting.

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    1. I totally agree… I read somewhere that when we talk our own self down, it processes the information as a fact. So the more we say aloud that we’re not good enough, the more we believe it.

      I think it makes sense… If we get affected by what others say, why wouldn’t we by our own words?


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