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The Wind That Brought Us Together…



I used to think about you
more than I thought healthy
more than I could stand
as we no longer, were a pair

The wind blew outside
a fury unleashed, the impending storm
and I, with the collars on my coat
rolled up close about my neck, as if
you straightened and smoothed them
like you did once before

More than once, and never enough
readying me for the onslaught of the elements
the wind tearing at our patience
the longing of not being together
the desire like an empty vessel
never to be filled, never enough, it seemed

I looked back, the warmth of your smile
radiating out, as if to capture the cold
and the wind, and overcome it
to conquer it with the pleasantness,

The warmth of your embrace
the hesitation of your touch, the touch
of your lips on mine,
the feeling that we’d never part,
never having to feel the pain of separation
the pain of being alone, once again

The wind lashed out and slammed the door
leaving me in the outside elements
left to my own fate, and the realization
of our parting,
of our fading time together,

I held your embrace in my memory
as I drew the layers of my coat closer
and tighter as if you sensed that we shouldn’t
we couldn’t let go of this moment,
of this time,

I avoided your eyes knowing that
making contact with you
your window to the soul
that you would know
that you would know about the pain
and the separation that was
to come,

I hurried along the darkened streets
and chose wisely not to look back
lest I would fail in my attempts to leave
to leave your memory behind
another time, yet another time

I imagined you, standing behind the door
treasuring our time together, wanting
hoping, dreaming of the next time
the next time, which would never come
never having the pleasure of holding me
of holding me again, waiting for me to say
for me to say….

The wind that brought us together
was destined to tear us apart
not having the strength, nor the desire
to overcome the odds, to overcome
the past that I had created for myself,
dragging you into my madness,
the thought of having me, of wanting me

But I, thought it best
to spare you from the evil that men do
and I not being any different, just perhaps
having one shred of decency, the knowledge
that you were indeed special
my wind-swept desert, my springtime flower
the darkness of my windy countenance,
the sadness in my eyes,

The knowing that it would be best
to leave you in the knowledge
of what we shared together
finally had its end, in the end
and I hadn’t the nerve, to tell you
the truth

That I never would return to
the final deed
the realization, that you had indeed
changed who I was, but that I
couldn’t, I wouldn’t
I dared not tarnish,
the momentary
goodness of your presence

The laugh, the lightness
of how you loved me
the waiting and hoping

That the wind would someday
let us be together…..





7 thoughts on “The Wind That Brought Us Together…

    1. If I was, I hope it was at the same time The Hoff was… That’d be something to brag about… “hey! I was in Colin’s head with The Hoff… you know just messing with his sleep lacking mind!”

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed your reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love this beautifully descriptive and reminds me almost of a soliloquy. This man on stage or somewhere on his own, explaining this and thinking through the relationship wondering how he could get this beautiful and wonderful woman back, wishing for a new future, scared he will never not be in pain, that he will always feel bereft of her. It’s very well written 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mandibelle… I love your way of analyzing these stories! It is so interesting to see them through the eyes of others… Thank you for taking time, not only to enjoy your readings, but to leave such insightful comments 🙂

      Have a great weekend! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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