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“Maybe, we could buy a Bed & Breakfast, you know? A nice place in the countryside… Or take an old house and start a new one! That’s even better! I have a knack for decoration, I’m sure we could create something cosy and charming… Bed & Breakfast, it’s a good business to have! I also thought about learning how to drive those big 18 wheelers and hit the road together, as a team… Can you imagine? Of course it is a lot of work, but we could travel from coast to coast, sitting side by side and cuddle in the couchette after a long day….”

 That’s when he stopped her, a hint of annoyance in his voice. He stood up, after leaving more than enough cash to pay for the food they didn’t even get to taste yet, and excused himself coldly, explaining that this wouldn’t work.

– I don’t get why he panicked like that, she told her best friend over the phone, It was such a lovely first date before he flipped out…




3 thoughts on “Panicked…

  1. Cyranny, I love it! I kinda jumped the gun with my first real boyfriend. We had one date and he didn’t come to my birthday party (my 18th which when you lived in a university dorm was a big one). I got mad at one of his friends and tried to make him leave. Then I just sat in a corner with a drink and cried. We ended up going out for a year and a half but it would have been better if it had ended after that first date!.

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