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If Only…



If only, life would let me take command, and change things to the


If only,

I could fly to her now, and make things

better, then they have been, make her want

to smile again,


If only her hurt, would stop from hurting, letting

the goodness inside of her,


into the air allowing it to rain down

upon the rest of the world, scattering joy like

butterflies in the wind,


If only,

I could do my part and help,

but I,

am only one person among others in this world,

only one man in an endless sea of men, courting her and her graces

but I,

might just be the one to free her from the chains that bind her,

who can see who she is, deep down inside, as if no one else can,

as if no one else will….


If only….I




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