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Not Owning, Nor Possessing…



I wanted
I needed
her in the essence
I saw
I wanted nothing else
nothing more

I ran my fingers
along her hardwood floors
her tiled halls
leading to gravel walks
pathways along meadow
leading me
leading me,

Many would want to own
to possess the idea
that was her
not being satisfied
with having her attention
or, the pleasure of
her company

We sat
in wrought iron chairs
emblazoned with dragons
and unicorns
drinking of her warmth
her passion for life
while we sat enjoying
the noonday sun

I might only have been
something she dreamed
while considering someone
she met once,
her memory sparked
by the thought of having
a special love to fill her days with
to fulfill her nights with,

She smiled a coy smile
placing me in a treasured corner
somewhere in the memory halls
the brightened corners
of the tightly sealed box

-and the key that she wore
around her neck

Fingering it
as if
I really had meant something to her

as if…




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