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Dreams Recalculated


and tossing

no sleep again tonight


She mulled over

the uneasiness in her mind

the gnawing realization of something

that was in back of


that was in front of


She shook her head in disgust, tossing the fairies and

the unicorns out of her carpet halls

and picture window existence,


There was someone, the other night

or the one before, or the one after

who spoke as if, we had met



She walked along the aisles, and corridors

of her subconscious,

stepping lightly for as not to wake that which slept

in darkened rooms with windowless pictures

that hung on the walls in shreds, and tatters


Is was best not to enter the Nightmare Rooms, unless

someone was there to fight off the ogres, and slay the dragons

who vanished in great puffs of smoke, wafting out of his pipe,


He, who had warned her about dreaming too deep, and wanting too much,

“Love!” He laughed aloud, as if it were a bad joke, told too many times

to too many people..

“Love is for those who long for long poems, professing the eternal,

the sublime only attainable, after doing great deeds to rescue us from ourselves,”





“Do You Need Rescuing?” He stared into my eyes, as if they revealed my innermost dreams and wants. He wrote the story of my life, along the pathways of my memory, taking the good with the bad and combining them into the me, I was today. I felt as if I moved closer to him, feeling his strong hands along the rivers and the mountains of my inner peace.

Rowing down the stream, eternal. Casting ourselves along the sandy shores. Making Love at the bidding and the Grace that was ours to command.

Exhausted. I fell into a dream, not wanting to awake, until the clouds wept and the angels sang. The eternal and the sublime. Isn’t that what he told me once, when I was younger in my memory? Those were the markers pointing the way to Love..

This time the word was not mocking me, like the way that he had used it. This time, I felt as if there was hope for the tattered and torn existence that had followed me along this Dream Path, and had left me along his side, on that Sandy Shore.

Love, became me, and that was the yet as untried pathway, my dreams would lead me along, next time……


6 thoughts on “Dreams Recalculated

  1. Sleep? FFS!!! where the hell can one buy it, in packets of 8 or 12 hours at a time, uninterrupted by dreams or nightmares, the ones that make you act in the real world with terror in the sleep world and wake with no rest and dread of everything that makes mere Weltschmerz seem like a blessing …

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